Lighthouse Emporium offers products which provide benefits to people, homes and businesses. We love to make a difference. Our products equip and benefit the immediate environment. We aim to enable people through our products and knowledge, to engage them in a ‘do it yourself manner’. We aim to equip society to effectively shift towards a self sustainable healthy lifestyle. By enabling and sharing we enhance the growth of knowledge.”

The Lighthouse Emporium, a well established on-line market place for life friendly products now stocks the Daggaboer range of Biophilic cultivation products. First product on thier shelves is the 5lt Daggaboer Microbebrew.

Daggaboers’s Biophilic products are a perfect firt for teh Lightouse emporiums as it resonates strongly with the Emporium’s life friendly ethos and plans are afoot to start stocking other Daggaboer products shortly.