Happy, healthy plants produce dank buds. It’s as simple as that and as complicated as that. 

At Daggaboer we approach plant health in the same way we approach human health. Pre-emptively by supporting the immune system. The best way to support an immune system is to ensure that the plant or body gets a full range of macro and micro nutrients including a broad spectrum of trace elements.

This is achieved by first of all ensuring that the minerals are availlable and secondly, that the plant can absorb them as and when needed. This might sound complicated to the uninitiated who might conjure up visions of highly technical and expensive lab tests and equipment required to figure out when to apply what but in reality, it is extremely simple. See, nature has done all the work for us. She spent 3.5 billion years figuring out how to grow stuff and all we have to do is follow the recipe. 

Whether you are mixing a craft soil for container growing or building living soil in a no-till bed, adding Daggaboer mineral dust to your mix or beds will ensure availability of all the essential minerals and trace elements that your ladies require to grow strong and happy. 

There is one more step though. See plants can’t absorb the minerals in crystal form and this is where microbes come into play. Microbes make the minerals bio-available to the plants. They are the bridge between the plant and the soil and the first step in a complex series of interlocking feedback loops that produces the rich humus soils in which plants thrive but that topic warrants an article in it’s own right. For now, all you need to do is add mineral dust and Daggaboer Microbebrew to your medium to kick start the alchemy. 

Happy growing and may the microbiome be with you!


“To understand Biophilic cultivation, it is imperritave for the cultivator to obtain a profound comprehension of the intimate relationship between minerals, microbes and plants”

Lawrence Sharpley

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