Daggaboer [Dah-ha-buhr]


Cannabis Farmer.

Dagga from khoisan, meaning Cannabis.

Boer from Dutch, meaning farmer.


We do so much more than just grow plants. We grow soil ecosystems that produce top-notch plants. Explore our range of regenerative Cannabis cultivation products.


Life enhancing cultivation products

At Daggaboer we believe that the best Cannabis medicine is made from plants that are cultivated in a manner that enhances, rather than detracts, from the ecosystem as a whole. We spent decades perfecting our Biophilic methods along with the products that support this life-friendly way of cultivation.

We leverage a cultivation technology that has been in research and development for 3.5 billion years with an unlimited budget. No-one knows how to grow better than nature herself, and our products work with the power of nature to deliver outstanding results.